Jan Thomas Odegard

Jan Thomas Odegard has been Chair of the TMT Board since 2016, and has been a board member since the founding of TMT in 2013.


Odegard has worked on environmental and development issues for 30 years as director, board member and program manager with NGOs and foundations, with in the UN and the private sector, as well as being an activist, university researcher and freelance journalist. 


Jan Thomas spent five years (until late 2012) as the National Director of the oldest and largest Norwegian member based environmental organisation (Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature/ Friends of the Earth Norway). Here Odegard worked closely with TMT founder Gunnar Album on IUU fisheries and marine resource management in Norway and internationally. From early 2013 Odegard assisted Album in the establishment of TMT, including the planning, fundraising and management of its activities.


Additionally Odegard was stationed with the UN in Mozambique (UNDO/UNIDO) from 1999-2001, after which he became a program manager with  the Rainforest Foundation Norway until 2007, focusing on natural resource management, policy development and fundraising. He was subsequently ten years on the board, and the vice-chair since 2016. Odegard also has experience as a social sciences researcher from the University of Oslo, as program manager for Norwegian Human Rights Fund, and ten years as an activist and free-lance journalist.  


Since October 2018 he is the Executive Director of The Development Fund, a Norwegian NGO promoting climate adaptation, rights and economic development in rural communities in selected developing countries.

Kirsten Bjøru

Kirsten Bjøru has studied mathematics, rural sociology (Cand. Sociol.) at the University of Oslo and development studies (M.Phil.) at the University of Cambridge, UK, with emphasis on peasant economics and share systems in fisheries. She has worked in research of women’s lifecycle, on relationship between fisheries and oil exploration, and as consultant to Norad.


She has worked at the UN Delegation, Norwegian Embassy, Rome, Italy, with the council of FAO, and the Executive Boards of IFAD and WFP; and at the Norwegian Embassy in Maputo.


For most of her working life she has been a senior fisheries adviser in Norad, assisting the Norwegian Embassies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in development issues regarding fisheries management and fisheries development, and lately including illegal fisheries and fisheries crime.


She is currently a pensioner, and works partly as a volunteer.

Elisabeth Hvaal Lingaas 

Elisabeth Hvaal Lingaas is a lawyer educated at the University of Oslo, where she also worked as a Research Coordinator Assistant in the international research project “Sustainable Companies” in 2012-2013.

Hvaal Lingaas is currently working as legal advisor at the Norwegian Maritime Authority, section for operational supervision. She is specializing on legal matters regarding vessel inspections and claims, and on Port State Control. 

Hvaal Lingaas role is to assist the TMT Board to monitor and safeguard any legal issues that may arise in relation to the activities of the foundation. She has been member of the board since 2013.

Kjersti Tusvik

Kjersti Tusvik has studied Law in Stockholm and in Oslo and has worked for more than 10 years within the field of environmental and maritime law. 


She was a Research Assistant at the Scandiavian Institute for Maritime Law in Oslo. Her experience includes private and public legal services, research and training. 


Tusvik has experience from the legislation department of the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and from the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) in Lisbon.


Tusvik is currently working as a senior legal adviser with the Norwegian Coastal Administration Department for Emergency Response. 

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