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Joint Analytical Cell


The Joint Analytical Cell is an initiative that aims to provide authorities with fisheries intelligence, analysis and capacity building to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.
The collaboration brings together various stakeholders to build key insights and capacity that will help enhance fisheries management. 

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Who we are

Founded in 2022, the Joint Analytical Cell, or JAC, harnesses innovative technology and the complementary expertise of its wider collaborating organizations to improve the effectiveness of fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance, with a particular focus on developing maritime States.

International Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Network, Global Fishing Watch and TMT


Skylight, C4ADS

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What we do 

The Joint Analytical Cell aims to promote collaboration and make data, tools and training readily available to reduce IUU fishing and its associated crimes. The initiative works alongside State and non-State actors to build new knowledge and capacity that will help strengthen fisheries management and produce effective and intelligence-led enforcement responses. 


How we work

As a collective, we seek to operate with a coalition of diverse organizations and States and serve as a hub for information sharing, technology, data and operational support. Our shared vision is to make sense of the multiple technology and data offerings in the sphere of fisheries intelligence to enable collaborative monitoring, control and surveillance efforts across States. 


By fostering credible and equitable cooperation from around the globe, and enabling partner organizations to present integrated solutions, we aim to combine our various strengths to produce actionable information and provide capacity assistance designed to deliver real change on the water. 


Our Role

TMT brings our extensive experience of ‘pointy-end’ fisheries intelligence analysis, capacity building, and operational cooperation with State partners to the Joint Analytical Cell. Our collaborative approach, tools and data, and hands on training methods will both form the basis of, and be augmented by, JAC operations and assistance. As such, TMT leads the coordination of the analytical activities, output, and operational support to the countries and other partners that the JAC works with.

"The IUU fishing challenge continues to evolve, and so must the responses,” said Duncan Copeland, Executive Director at TMT. “The opportunities that the appropriate data, the right tools and technologies, and targeted personnel training present to bolstering fisheries enforcement capacities are enormous, but only if they are accessible and adapted to a national or regional context. State and non-State actor cooperation and collaboration are essential, and the Joint Analytical Cell has been formed to enable this objective.”

Read the launch announcement here.

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Tools for Monitoring, Control and Surveillance


Global Fishing Watch Map

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Fisheries Analytical Capacity Tool 

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IMCS Network MCS Equipment Exchange 

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Global Fishing Watch carrier vessel portal

IMCS Network Register of Vetted Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Experts


Global Fishing Watch marine manager portal



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