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MCS Practitioners Introductory Guide: Pole and Line Fishing

This MCS Practitioners Introductory Guide has been developed by TMT in cooperation with the International MCS Network (IMCSN).

It is intended to be used as a training tool to introduce common international industrial fishing vessel

and gear types, towards building knowledge in personnel working in all agencies

(Fisheries, Port, Coast Guard and Navy, Maritime etc.) who may play an operational role

in fisheries monitoring control and surveillance (MCS), as well as for use by broader

interested stakeholders.

While this guide is a stand-alone tool focussed on pole and line fishing, it has been developed

as part of series of similar introductory guides on other major industrial fishing methods and related operations, as well as complementary material on fishing vessel inspection considerations.

All the guides are available for download:




We strongly encourage the use, reproduction, and dissemination of material in this

publication. Material may be copied, downloaded, and printed for private study, research,

and teaching purposes, or for use in non-commercial products or services, provided that

appropriate acknowledgement of TMT and the International MCS Network

as the source and copyright holder is given.

To print high resolution copies, please contact to request the print file.


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