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FACT - Fisheries Analytical Capacity Tool

FACT is TMT’s bespoke fisheries intelligence management and analytical system, designed specifically to support, speed up and strengthen the analytical process.

Squid Fishing_Northern Indian Ocean_2021_05_10_Fernanda Ligabue _01 Photo courtesy of TM-T

FACT has been built with the single express purpose of capturing and analysing the identities and characteristics of the global fishing fleet and the companies that operate it.


The focus is on ‘deep’ analysis, looking at a big picture of vessel movements, identity, authorisations, operators, their ownership and operational structures, and if vessels and companies are involved in violations of fisheries law or broader crimes.


Analytical processes are built into FACT to strengthen and support the human analytical processes that take place daily within TMT, and by the government agencies with whom we work. It is a central information system that incorporates our global fisheries vessel and company database, positional data, and a data management system that integrates a wide variety of information sources such as documents, port records, photographs and similar.


The system is dedicated to achieving a comprehensive overview of vessel identity (current and historic), ownership, authorisation, compliance history, photo database, positional and other relevant information. Analytical functionality is built into the system to assist in the identification of vessels and companies of interest, changes in information and identity, and risk behaviour by fishing operators. Information is sourced from thousands of public and subscription sources, from satellite and land based data, documents, photos, and on-the-ground intelligence sources.

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