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TMT works in close cooperation with our country, inter-governmental and other partners to provide:


Fisheries Intelligence
& Analysis 

TMT actively collects, analyses and shares information relevant to fisheries operations with our partners. As well as assisting in the general oversight of industrial fishing operations, we provide risk assessment and direct investigative support to targeted cases, focusing on not only vessels but the operators behind them.


Cutting Edge

TMT has internally developed technological solutions to strengthen and speed up the information collection and analytical processes. Integrating thousands of vessel, ownership, positional, compliance and operational information sources, our platform FACT contains the richest global overview of the industrial fishing fleet, including identifiers, company structures, compliance history, documents and images. Through direct integration FACT is increasingly being linked to the data and platforms of our partners, furthering the impact of our work.


Fisheries Enforcement Support

TMT provides our partners with information relating to fisheries crimes in their jurisdictions and assists with the planning and implementation of enforcement operations and measures. Technical assistance is provided to ensure that the intelligence picture is as strong as possible, that planned operations are intelligence-led, and that enforcement opportunities are maximised.


Facilitation of Regional Cooperation

In cooperation with our partners, TMT assists the facilitation of regional MCS cooperation and information, called the ‘Task Force’ model.


Maritime Domain Awareness

TMT has extensive experience in the use of vessel tracking data and maritime domain awareness platforms. We have the ability to integrate VMS, AIS and other sources of positional information into our analysis processes and tools, and train operators on these systems and the use of their data.




TMT works closely with country partners to provide training that helps build their capacity to identify, analyse, and enforce illegal fishing and broader fisheries crime. Both targeted training and ongoing in-country and remote assistance are provided, through workshops, training materials, and direct technical assistance.


Ground Truthing / Evidence Basing

TMT works at the ‘pointy-end’ of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, in close cooperation with enforcement agencies. Through our work we are frequently in a position to gain insight and understanding, and develop relevant case studies of issues that are exploited by illegal operators. This information can inform key policy dialogue and change, legal framework review, and operational decision making needed to address these challenges.

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