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Share your fisheries information

Intelligence on fishing vessels and their operations supplied by a network of people and organisations around the world is a crucial component of our work to map and understand global fishing operations, and identify illegal activities.

We encourage users of this website to submit any information that they feel could be of relevance to our work, particularly tip-offs or other information relating to cases of illegal fishing or fisheries crime in Africa.


All information will be assessed and may subsequently inform our investigative work or be shared in confidence with trusted partners.

Please send any information to: 

Useful things to include: 

Documents – Documents can make it easier for us to assess the significance and relevance of the information that you provide so it is requested to include these where available.


Vessel photographs or film – Analysis of vessel photographs and film is a key element of our work to confirm vessel identities and detect vessel identity fraud.


There are huge numbers of vessels in the global fleet for which no known photographs currently exist, and many more for which available photos are very outdated, so any photographs (old or new) of industrial fishing vessels from anywhere in the world can make a valuable contribution to our work.


When supplying photographs of vessels, we request that information about the vessel identity (for example name and/or IMO) and date and location where the photo was taken are supplied, if these are available. 

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