TMT was founded in 2013 with the express purpose of providing technical assistance to countries and international organisations with capacity and resource gaps so they could identify, analyse and use fisheries intelligence in their fisheries enforcement operations.

Our first Board Chair, Kjartan Hoydal ​

Our first Board Chair, Kjartan Hoydal

Kjartan Hoydal served as TMT’s first Board Chair. For many years Kjartan was a true champion of efforts to end illegal fishing, serving the international fisheries community as Head of the Faroese Fisheries Administration, Secretary of the Northeast Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC), Chair of the Regional Fishery Body Secretariats Network (RSN), on the Board of various institutions, and as President of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO).


Kjartan’s dedication and tireless efforts to the founding of TMT was integral to this organisation getting off the ground. Kjartan was a crucial part from the very beginning, offering support, introductions and a steady hand at the helm.

TMT is also founded on the broader work of the Trygg Mat Foundation, of which Gunnar was a leading member. Trygg Mat Foundation has now ended operations, and all content transferred to the historic archive of TMT.  


The other founders of TMT are Duncan Copeland, who currently serves as Executive Director, and Jan Thomas Odegard, who is Board Chair.


Following the sad passing of Gunnar in 2014 and Kjartan in 2016, the team they brought together at TMT were determined to carry on the important work and legacy, and it is in their memory and spirit that we carry out our operations today.

TMT Founder, Gunnar Album​

TMT Founder, Gunnar Album​

Through extensive experience of working with countries in various regions of the world, particularly East and West Africa, TMT’s founders clearly saw the gap in the systematic collection and analysis of fisheries intelligence, and the need for it to be shared, particularly with those countries that did not have the experience to gather and analyze fisheries intelligence, or the resources to manage their fisheries effectively.

Gunnar Album was a pioneer in the field of dedicated analysis and tracking of fishing vessels and their owners. Gunnar strongly believed in the right of mankind to have access to and benefit from the resources of the oceans, but that this right was also a responsibility that must be carefully managed for the good of all, now and future.


Gunnar's work was instrumental in highlighting the significant gaps in available information, and his ability to build relationships and cooperation between different agencies was key to getting countries to share information and cooperate on fisheries enforcement actions. His work with government agencies, RFMOs and other relevant bodies directly contributed to effective enforcement actions including the arrest and prosecution of vessels and companies, Interpol Purple Notices, the exposure of forged licensing systems, and many more.

TMT's first Board Chair, Kjartan Hoydal