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Launching Combined IUU Vessel List

The Trygg Mat Foundation today launches an online, combined IUU vessel list. The list is published in cooperation with Stop Illegal Fishing, a Working Group of the NEPAD Agency’s Partnership for African Fisheries Programme. The NEPAD Agency is the implementing arm of the African Union.

The list contains all vessels black-listed by any of the eight Regional Management Organisations that currently operate lists of vessels that have been involved in IUU fishing. The list is continuously updated as the vessels change name, flag and/or call sign. There are also pictures of the vessels.

Having all the vessels in one database with pictures and the latest information on these vessels will significantly improve fisheries law enforcement agencies’ ability to take sanctions against IUU fishing vessels.

That the list is published in cooperation with a program of the African Union is also important. African coastal states are hit hard by IUU fishing from distant water fishing vessels. Increased efforts by these states over the past few years have shown that IUU fishers can be stopped.

The combined IUU vessel list contains both currently listed vessels and delisted vessels from 2004 until now, complete with historical data on names, flags, owners and operators. The TM foundation hopes the combined IUU vessel list will be useful for managers and fisheries law enforcement and invites feedback from the users and the general public.

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