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New briefing: The Marking and Identification of Fishing Vessels

Trygg Mat Tracking and Stop Illegal Fishing have prepared a new briefing on the marking and identification of fishing vessels, for the Western Central Atlantic Fisheries Commission (WECAFC).

The WECAFC is working to increase awareness and build regional capacity on the subject of vessel marking and identification, in support of the national and regional fight against IUU fishing and the establishment of a regional vessel record. Clearly marked vessel identifiers form the basis for a strong system of fisheries management and monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS).

The new briefing provides an overview of standard fishing vessel identifiers, including IMO numbers, International Radio Callsigns (IRCS) and MMSI. Good and bad practice in the marking of fishing vessels is presented, based on the FAO Standard Specifications for the Marking and Identification of Fishing Vessels. The briefing also outlines elements of vessel marking bad practice which can indicate a risk that a vessel is engaged in IUU fishing, particularly through the practice of vessel identity fraud.

The briefing was presented by Trygg Mat Tracking at the second meeting of the Regional Working Group on IUU Fishing, held in Bridgetown, Barbados, in September 2017.

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