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National Geographic Marine Protection Prize

A team consisting of ATLAN Space, GRID-Arendal and Trygg Mat Tracking has been awarded a National Geographic Marine Protection Prize.

The $150,000 prize, one of three to have been awarded, is for an innovative proposal to strengthen fisheries enforcement through use of drones equipped with artificial intelligence. The FishGuard system, which will be piloted in the Seychelles, uses long-range drones equipped with ATLAN Space Artificial Intelligence, to monitor large marine areas for illegal fishing, identify suspected vessels, and transmit photo/video imagery via satellite for analysis. TMT will support vessel identification and analysis of findings to provide fisheries authorities with risk assessment and IUU fishing intelligence, as well as training in this area.

The FishGuard pilot will be undertaken in partnership with the Seychelles Fisheries Authority and local fisher communities and is designed to be replicable by other developing coastal and small island States. TMT is excited to be bringing its expertise in fisheries intelligence analysis, vessel data management and capacity building to support this cutting-edge project.

The National Geographic Marine Protection Prize aims to identify low-cost and easy to maintain technological solutions to address IUU fishing. More information on the prize and all of the winning entries can be found here.

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