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Spotlight Briefings Introduced

Trygg Mat Tracking's new SPOTLIGHT briefing series is being developed with our partners to shine a light on the operational practises, legal loopholes and enforcement gaps that can be and are exploited by illegal fishing operators to access fishing resources, ports and markets, and to evade sanctions.

New briefings will be published periodically on TMT's website and will be free to download.

The first briefing launches on 10th December 2020.

Each SPOTLIGHT briefing utilises the extensive operational experiences of Trygg Mat Tracking and its partners in supporting enforcement authorities to tackle illegal fishing and broader fisheries crime internationally and uses analysis of actual operations and illegal fishing cases to showcase issues.

The SPOTLIGHT briefings are developed to inform and support all fisheries and broader maritime stakeholders. They aim to expose where risks lie in fisheries operations, to support closing enforcement gaps and increasing transparency of international fisheries operations.


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