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TMT Communications Update

As of February 2022 we will move away from using the organisation’s full name Trygg Mat Tracking in communications to the abbreviated versions: TM-Tracking and TMT.

The organisation was founded in 2013 with the name of Trygg Mat Tracking, meaning ‘Safe Food Tracking’ in a hybrid of Norwegian and English. At the time this name represented the organisation’s partial roots in the organisation Trygg Mat Foundation, which was closed that same year. However, over the years the ‘Trygg Mat’ part of the name has become increasingly out of sync with our purpose, vision and mission, has caused some confusion with Norwegian and international partners, and presents challenges to areas of our strategic development plan.

In parallel, we have been using the abbreviation TMT extensively in our work and communications, resulting in clear organisational identity with this shortened name, while our web and social media url is based on tm-tracking. Following an internal review, the decision has been made to formally phase out the public use of Trygg Mat Tracking, although this will continue to be the organisation's formal registered name in Norway.

Our name: Generally TMT, long version TM-Tracking

TMT is a Norwegian non-profit organisation that provides national fisheries authorities and international organisations with fisheries intelligence, analysis, and capacity building, targeting a reduction of illegal fishing and broader improvements in ocean governance.

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