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Toothfish poacher with funny new name

The CCAMLR IUU listed vessel “Kily” has changed name, flag and owner.

Last week, TM Foundation noted that the vessel transmitted the name “Ray” and flag “Belize” from its AIS in Singapore harbour. Now the vessel’s records have been updated in IHSF (Lloyd’s Register of Ships online).

The vessel’s new official name is RAY EX KILY and the flag is Belize. The vessel also has a new registered owner, Belfast Global SA in Panama. The company is was founded in 2012 and it is as likely to be a new shell for the old owners as an actual beneficial owner change.

The RAY EX KILY is still in Singapore, but has started to move around port. (below) To see the vessel’s history of name, flag and owner changes see the vessel sheet in the TM combined IUU vessel list.

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